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Specialty Fitouts

Thinking outside the box is where we thrive and we love nothing more than to embrace the challenges of a unique fitout.

Regulation and compliance is a detailed beast for any building job, but none more so than in a speciality fitout where access, equipment and public safety exponentially increase the degree of detail that must be considered.

From laser clinics to dental clinics and medical centres, kitchens, restaurants and more, throughout Sydney and surrounds, speciality commercial work is handled with industry-leading precision and expertise.

Getting Started

To bring your business out to the public at large takes a degree of commitment and dedication only other business owners will understand. You are going to need the right advice along the way. Book an initial consultation with BUILDASPACE to get you off to a strong start, where you can expect a review of the following:

  • An opportunity to download your dreams, plans and ideas to us.
  • Our designers and how they will bring your plans to life.
  • The systemised approach to review your plans, the schedule and the budget to ensure everything is on track and any contingency that can be made has been made.
  • An idea of timelines and what to expect during construction.

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